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Helping organisations understand, explore, test and implement solutions and innovative business models enabled by the latest generation of mobile telecommunications.


5G is the fifth generation of mobile telecommunications, building on advances of 4G to offer faster data rates and lower latency, making applications quicker and more responsive.

Gigahertz wide broadcast spectrum paired with innovative antenna technologies including Massive MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) and Beamforming provide increased data-rates across a network’s coverage area. While changes in the network architecture offer lower latencies reducing the time it takes data to travel from one point to another.

But 5G is not just about faster download speeds to smartphones; beyond improvements in network performance, features like homogeneous networks and the integration of WiFi and small area transmitters, network slicing, edge computing and support for unlicensed spectrum bands facilitates innovative business and application uses such as real-time monitoring and tracking of manufacturing processes and support for high-capacity entertainment events at stadiums.

Digital Catapult plays a unique role in helping UK businesses, academics, and the Government explore what this technology can do in the UK. The whole 5G ecosystem benefits from research, innovation, applied R&D and capacity building undertaken by us. We have already helped numerous startups to test products and services on live 5G testbeds, helped leading industrial businesses to understand how 5G can transform operations, worked closely with leading academics to explore the development of applied 5G technologies, and we’re testing how open and interoperable networks can diversify the 5G vendor landscape and improve resilience.

We help businesses understand and benefit from the potential of 5G, providing the resources and facilities to allow businesses to explore, test and innovate. Supporting large businesses in incorporating 5G into their operations, while supporting startups in developing innovative new business models, applications, experiences, products and services.

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