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UKTIN Publication and Insights

Posted 11 Mar 2024

Reports and White Papers

UKTIN Reports and White Papers provide insights for the future development of the telecoms industry.

The Market Insights Reports offer a summary of the current landscape within the telecoms industry. Meanwhile, Future Capability White Papers provide insights into the potential future of the UK telecom ecosystem.

These publications, which include those authored by the Digital Catapult team, can be accessed by clicking on the links provided below.

Market Insights Reports

Market Research Insights Report – Artificial Intelligence Published February 2024

Future Capability White Papers

Non-Terrestrial Networks                                                          prepared by the UKTIN NTN Working Group and published April 2024

Security                                                                                           prepared by the UKTIN Security Expert Working Group and published March 2024

Wireless Networking                                                                    prepared by the UKTIN Wireless Networking Expert Working Group and published February 2024

EWG Future Capability paper