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Virtual environments

Blending the digital and physical world to create new ways for us to interact with data, create new paradigms of creative expression, and drive business efficiencies.


Virtual environments are the application of data integration, simulation, haptics, advanced visualisation and synthetic environments to model, understand, communicate, connect and blend the digital and physical world. 

The development of “digital twins”, which model real world objects into virtual environments, will help solve industrial and societal challenges. The technologies that make up and connect between these digital twins may also underpin the formation of an interconnected real-world and enterprise “metaverse”, offering new applications, platforms and capabilities. This will allow new ways for us to interact with data layered over and embedded into the physical environment. 

We play an active role in boosting the development of cross-sector, national capability in cyber physical systems. We offer industry and the UK Government support in developing approaches to cyber physical infrastructure – providing a neutral role to shape national consultations and engagements. This means promoting systems based approaches to innovation and R&D, focused on connected technologies that virtualise services for design, manufacturing, production, distribution and the discovery of new hybrid experiences. 

We help industries develop the capabilities, platforms and architectures for the application of advanced digital twins to help drive operational efficiencies and transform sectors. In addition to the adoption and development of new business models for digital twins; lowering costs, shortening development time and creating opportunities for UK innovators to capitalise on the ecosystem.

We support the UK creative sector through metaverse and immersive applications, both locally and remotely for media production and the experience economy. We are leveraging new transformative production techniques such as virtual production, the remote testing of applications and experiences for Film and TV content creation in distributed digital environments, and building skills in the independent production sector.


StudiosUK is the design, procurement, set up and operation of 5G enabled Virtual Production Test Stages. Providing access to facilities and technology in the emerging field of 5G connected convergent screen technologies. These studios will enable the provision of R&D in advanced production methodologies, hands-on training and skills development, and commercial work primarily with small and medium sized companies to grow the ecosystem.

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MyWorld is a 5 year project that will build on the production, technology and research strengths of the Bristol & Bath creative cluster to create a globally unique proposition for screen-based media creating research and development pipelines into production, accessible facilities and a framework for talent development, all driving international development and UK investment.

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Design Smarter Digital Twins

Design Smarter Digital Twins is a 5 year project to build the UK’s first dedicated digital twinning and cyber physical infrastructure centre to support industry adoption of digital twins and complex cyber physical systems, with a focus on high fidelity and real life industry challenges. We will be working with industry partners Thales, Artemis and Spirit as well as academic partners, Ulster and Queens Universities. Based in the Belfast Innovation District, the facility will become part of a national capability in both digital twins and cyber physical systems for the UK.


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