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Supply chains

Working with industry partners to develop transparent supply chains to drive the positive impact of digitalisation.


Digitalising supply chains is the application of digital technologies to industrial supply chains. Enabling optimised flows of goods, finance and information to develop resilient, sustainable and efficient supply chains, and creating opportunity for new data driven economies. 

We are working with industry partners to develop new open and transparent supply chains by promoting and advancing the technologies that support security and trust in a hybrid digital and physical world, while fostering new models for the provenance of goods, energy, and content. By modelling and monitoring supply chains based on data captured from individual nodes and up to the system level, we can use artificial intelligence to optimise operations, increase resilience to externalities, while enabling sustainable consumption.

Made Smarter Digital Supply Chain Hub (DSCH)

Made Smarter Digital Supply Chain Hub (DSCH) is a four year programme building a digital innovation ecosystem that empowers individuals and organisations to work together to make supply chains smarter. Developed by Digital Catapult and funded by the Made Smarter Innovation challenge at UKRI, the Hub will transform UK manufacturing by accelerating digital innovation, making supply chains more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

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Smart Nano

Smart Nano-Manufacturing Corridor

SIPF Smart Nano-Manufacturing Corridor is a five year project to develop and deliver a smart manufacturing innovation hub in Northern Ireland. The hub will develop transformative advanced prototyping and smart manufacturing methods enabling new nano-scale sensors for healthcare, faster optical communications and higher memory densities. The project consortium aims to deliver 100 new prototypes, 6 new products for Northern Ireland based companies and 30% productivity gains for industrial partners. Additionally, it will showcase Northern Irish capabilities across the rest of the UK.

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