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Large businesses

Enabling large businesses to become early adopters of advanced digital technology to deliver competitive advantages.


We empower large UK businesses to capitalise on the competitive benefits offered by advanced digital technologies. We provide resources, programmes and expertise that enable businesses to learn, explore, experiment and scale. We support businesses to help them understand the commercial potential of digital technologies and how to define real-world opportunities for their industry. Helping to develop, test and evaluate solutions, taking them from pilot through to launch, rollout and delivery-at-scale. This support includes activities such as digital-strategy definition, future-scoping workshops, proof-of-concept development, acceleration programmes, and innovation sprints.

We offer world-class development and testing facilities, and collaborate in extensive research and development programmes. Our technology agnostic approach, insight into the UK innovation landscape, and proximity to government policy, enables us to provide ethical and sustainable business frameworks to drive best-practices throughout the UK.

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