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Research and Academia

Working with world-leading researchers from top UK universities to bring the latest thinking into the heart of industry.


Digital Catapult connects academics and researchers with large businesses and our innovator community to increase the impact of research and accelerate the adoption of advanced digital technologies.

With our strong relationships with corporates, startups and scaleups we provide academia with the industrial context that focuses research, accelerates commercialisation and breaks down barriers to innovation. By creating partnerships and facilitating the exchange of knowledge, we de-risk innovation, facilitate upscaling and delivery to market, and provide opportunities for large-scale demonstrators.

Digital Catapult has membership of advisory boards, for universities, departments, research centres and Centres for Doctoral Training. We mentor PhD students and offer placements with ourselves and our community, and also offer research residencies to increase the impact of research, the exchange of knowledge and co-creation between academia and the Catapult centres. 

Researchers can also access innovative small businesses for collaborative opportunities. We have proximity to the government and access to funding. We can facilitate operational upscaling, and can accelerate collaboration processes.

Research Integrity Policy

We have recently adopted a Research Integrity Policy to ensure our research activities are compliant with current legal, regulatory, and institutional principles and expectations. Specifically, we intended to comply with the five commitments of the UK “Concordat to support research integrity” We are committed to embedding these commitments into our framework of policies, procedures and culture to produce and promote the highest quality of research conducted to the highest standards of integrity.


Where we fund research or work collaboratively we will ensure the adoption of appropriate research integrity principles. If you are currently working, planning to work, or have collaborated with us in the past and would like to find out more about our Research Integrity Policy or to report any misconduct allegations please contact [email protected].

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