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UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN)

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The UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) is the innovation network for the telecommunications sector in the United Kingdom. It brings together industry, government stakeholders, and academia to catalyse telecom R&D investment, collaboration and commercialisation.

Delivered in partnership with Digital Catapult, Cambridge Wireless, University of Bristol, and WM5G, and funded by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), UKTIN transforms the UK telecoms innovation ecosystem. These delivery partners are also supported by Satellite Applications Catapult and Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult which offer specialised expertise.

By leveraging the country’s strengths in technology, academia, and entrepreneurialism, UKTIN aims to strategically position the industry for growth by seizing new opportunities as they emerge and diversifying the supply chain within the UK telecoms industry.


Digital Catapult’s role in UKTIN

Digital Catapult plays a leading role in UKTIN, bringing its unique expertise of uniting industry leaders, academics and innovators to drive the adoption of digital technologies. By leveraging our strong telecoms, technical and policy expertise, we coordinate and lead the landscape mapping and explore future capabilities. We focus on delivering recommendations that align with cross-government activities. Additionally, Digital Catapult is also involved in UKTIN Supplier Specialist Guidance Service to support international organisations looking to enter the UK or venture into the telecoms for the first time by identifying and capturing new opportunities. We also offers mentorship to SMEs through Innovation and Investment activities. 


Developing Market Insights

Digital Catapult also leads the production of key qualitative and quantitative research, complementing the UKTIN Research Capability Discovery Service (RCDS). This activity is crucial in building a picture of the role that technology currently plays in the UK telecoms market and current public R&D&I activities. By doing this, UKTIN can forecast future technological developments as the telecoms systems become more complex and interconnected.

The rapid advancements in academia and understanding how the ecosystem innovates can be challenging, therefore we help create Market Research Insight Reports to provide insights and understanding of the industry.

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Exploring UK Telecoms sector Future Capabilities

UKTIN aims to provide an open, inclusive and impartial critical mass roadmap of the UK telecommunication capability development for 2025-2035. To achieve this, Digital Catapult is leading UKTIN’s future capabilities work by bringing together over 160 industry experts from across the ecosystem by establishing nine Expert Working Groups, in addition to four Strategic Working Groups, and an Advisory Board.

By working with these groups, we are able to produce future capabilities reports, to drive future growth of technology and help ensure that the UK‘s telecoms network is secure and resilient.

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Advisory Board and Working Groups

UKTIN takes a strategic approach to address the challenges that the UK telecoms sector faces by convening expertise from across the industry through its Advisory Board and its Strategic, Expert and Standards Working Groups. The Digital Catapult team plays a leading role in the work undertaken by these groups.

Advisory Board

Digital Catapult set up the advisory board and actively provide guidance and support to the network, helping them achieve their long-term objectives. The board advises UKTIN in its capacity as an effective collaborative point across all telecoms organisations and companies in the UK telecoms R&D ecosystem. Additionally, the board provides an independent view of the telecoms sector, promotes research, development and innovation within the sector and helps UKTIN to provide impartial input to the Government as it continues to further develop its telecoms policies.

Strategic Groups

Strategic Groups provide a coherent and informed voice to support the shaping and delivery of new government policies and drive the strategic vision. 

Strategic Groups include:

  • Cross-Government Telecoms Strategic Coordination
  • Telecoms R&D Future Capability Strategic Leadership Forum
  • Academic Future Networks Strategy
  • Telecoms Industry Diversification Coordination
Strategic Groups

Expert Working Groups

Expert Working Groups focus on specific technology areas to inform understanding of key technical issues through knowledge sharing. This group aims to identify the areas where the UK can excel, as well as to explore the ways in which the entire ecosystem can benefit from various opportunities. 

Expert Working Groups include:

  • Security
  • Wireless Networking Technologies
  • Network Management
  • Core Networking Technologies
  • Optical Communications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Semiconductors
  • Non-Terrestrial Networking
  • Standards
Expert Working Groups

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UKTIN provides an impartial, accessible and inclusive network for the UK telecoms innovation ecosystem. By signing up to UKTIN, you can access free resources, events and regular updates to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry developments and opportunities in the UK and beyond.