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Transport and Infrastructure

Accelerating the use of data driven decision making for efficient and digitally enabled transportation systems.


The UK has a rich history of innovation and advancement in transport and infrastructure, from the pioneering days of steam locomotives to the modern era of the high-speed trains. In today’s globalised world however, maintaining a competitive edge requires the embrace of advance technologies. We work with businesses to identify innovative solutions that can improve efficiency, resilience and solve industry challenges, by leveraging technologies such as digital twins, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT).

With transport infrastructure serving a key component of connectivity across the country, and businesses looking to public transport as a means of cutting their carbon emissions, the industry must adopt advance technologies to see long-term success. Doing so will not only see the UK’s rail industry keep ahead of global competition, but will be critical to paving the way for a more innovative and sustainable transport network.

Advance technologies are increasingly adopted by businesses in the transport and infrastructure sectors. From distributed ledger technologies used in shipping, AI leveraged for logistics, and immersive technology utilised by manufacturing companies; a growing number of industries are recognising the importance of embracing new technology to keep up with global competition. We support businesses in every sector including rail, road and marine transport to develop tech-enabled solutions that help overcome industrial challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

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