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Driving UK cyber-physical innovation

Posted 16 Apr 2024

Cyber-physical infrastructure (CPI) is the invisible infrastructure which connects the real world with the digital world. It is infrastructure just as roads are infrastructure, and requires planning, rules and regulation to function well, and innovation to function better.

The UK and global ecosystems of stakeholders across the CPI technology stack need to work together to develop this infrastructure in a way that maximises opportunities while protecting UK citizens. The National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) ecosystem programme marks a starting point in building a coherent collaborative stakeholder ecosystem, working towards a common vision for the future of digitalisation, innovation and the internet across sectors and technologies.

The National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) ecosystem programme aims to establish the UK’s position and the seeds of international presence as an innovation powerhouse for connected cyber- physical systems.

The UK has substantial expertise in establishing the building blocks for the future in open, interoperable and secure ways – with our history building the world wide web, and our deep science, technology and innovation expertise, we are well equipped to build a cyber-physical infrastructure for the future.

This short report covers:

  1. What is the National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure: benefits and challenges.
  2. Pathway of activities to setting out a Strategic Roadmap.

Discover more about the National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure programme here.

The National Cyber-Physical Infrastructure programme is a government and industry collaboration to amplify innovations, break down silos and build a shared vision for cyber-physical system innovation in the UK jointly led by Digital Catapult, Connected Places Catapult and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult and supported by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). NCPI builds on the foundations of the UK Government’s Cyber-Physical Infrastructure Consultation published in March 2022.