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UK Digital Twin Centre



A digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes, synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity. Digital Twin Consortium

Led by Digital Catapult and funded by Belfast Region City Deal and Innovate UK, the UK Digital Twin Centre will make digital twins more accessible and meaningful in the UK. It will actively enable industries and innovators to safely embrace, explore and realise their dynamic power.

Operating from the heart of Northern Ireland, the Centre will accelerate the adoption of digital twins to drive global competitive advantage for businesses across the UK. By creating the conditions for digital twins to be better understood, more easily developed and more meaningfully applied, the Centre will give businesses real-time capabilities to make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes, enabling the potential of digital twins to be realised, not theorised.

Endorsed by industry, the Centre has launched with co-investment from three major industry partners: Thales UK, Spirit AeroSystems and Artemis Technologies to deliver an initial six use cases to demonstrate the potential of digital twins in transforming the maritime, aerospace and defence sectors. 

In a step-change from traditional research and innovation centres, the open-access Centre aims to accelerate industry’s adoption of digital twins through providing access to cutting edge technologies, reducing the costs of producing a digital twin, developing skills and capability in the workforce – therefore removing key barriers businesses face. The Centre will also provide a Collaborative space for academia, industry and the public sector to foster collaborative innovation to foster cross-sector innovation.

The UK Digital Twin Centre will open in Autumn 2024 in Belfast City Centre.

Industry Partners

Increasingly being adopted across global industry, digital twins can provide unique capabilities including rapid proto-typing and real-world control mechanisms, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions, achieve better outcomes, shortening time to market, reducing costs and lowering emissions. 

The necessity to accelerate industry adoption is demonstrated by the programme launching with three initial industry partners who are co-investing in the development of six use cases:


Our role

Collaborative Development

Industrial partnerships bring a variety of digital twins to life, tailored to diverse use cases. From these partnerships, distilling both the common elements and unique aspects of digital twin technology across different sectors. This collaborative effort has not only enriches understanding but also bolsters the comprehensive digital twin knowledge base.

Knowledge-Driven Innovation

The insights gained from initial developments serve as the cornerstone for our sophisticated, interconnected platform architecture. These platforms are designed to facilitate the rapid and cost-effective development of digital twin proofs of concept (PoCs) and proofs of value (PoVs), addressing one of the most significant hurdles to industry-wide adoption.

Enhanced Tool Access

The focus extends to integrating third-party tools through strategic technology partnerships, ensuring that our users have access to advanced resources. This integration supports the seamless creation and implementation of digital twins, providing the necessary tools right at the fingertips of practitioners and industry experts.

Digital Twin Engine
Digital twins image

Expertise and Methodology

The establishment of a dedicated team of digital twin experts and domain specialists has culminated in a methodology central to our services. This network accelerates digital twin but also enriches the ecosystem with invaluable expertise and practical knowledge.

Cost-Effective Scaling

We prioritise reducing the economic impact of transitioning from proof of concept/value stages to full enterprise deployment. By co-developing all assets and services with our deployment partners, we lower the barriers typically associated with scaling up digital twin technologies.

Standardised Development

Everything created within the centre will adhere to a commons development model. This includes everything from digital twin components to data management systems, fostering a standardised approach that enhances both integration and scalability.

Digital twin capability areas

When the Centre opens in Autumn 2024, a dedicated team of digital twin expert technologists will support industry to meet their technology requirements to design, develop, deploy and operate digital twins.

Data Services



UX and Immersive

Cyber Physical Asset Management


Digital Twin programmes across the UK

The Digital Twin Hub

The Digital Twin (DT) Hub was created in 2020 by the Centre for Digital Britain at the University of Cambridge. In 2022, the DT Hub transitioned to a multi-sector Industry and Catapult Network partnership housed at the Connected Places Catapult.

It operates in collaboration with the new National Digital Twin Programme, run by the Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The DT Hub is a network for finding partners and collaborators. It is a place for learning and sharing experiences; for driving innovation, developing expertise and advancing the state of the art for digital twins. It identifies good practice, develops guidance and shapes standards on data sharing as well as showcasing the benefits of collaborative, connected digital twin endeavours.

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The National Digital Twin Programme

The National Digital Twin Programme (NDTP) was created by the UK Government in 2018 in response to the National Infrastructure Commission’s Report ‘Data for the Public Good’.

The programme is directly run by the Department for Business and Trade, in collaboration with industry and academia, and serves as a focal point to grow national capability in digital twinning. This capability will allow government, the broader public sector and other organisations providing services, to test decisions before they are implemented – drawing on right-time data from multiple sectors, understanding the implications and unintended consequences, and allowing freedom to optimise decisions for public benefit.

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