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Future networks

The next generation of network technologies.


The modern industrial economy is fast becoming reliant on world class digital infrastructure to create and connect complex networks of devices, assets, locations and systems.

The “Softwarisation” of networks will allow greater flexibility in service creation and maintenance, and more adaptive networks with lower operational costs. This is an unstoppable trend as it will offer greater agility in how services can match business needs in a more scalable, time efficient and cost effective way. 

The emergence of Advanced Digital Infrastructure (ADI), as a programmable service, will offer processing and communication infrastructure that companies and developers can pull together like lego-blocks, to create new digital products more easily. This will move us towards being able to build more complex cyber-physical systems; ADI helping to connect devices that interact with the physical worlds, with the reconfigurable networks that allow them to dynamically interact with data processing and decision making software. This will create exciting new technology solutions, digital applications and platforms that will transform businesses and society across the world.

We are here to help businesses understand and benefit from the potential of future network technologies. Providing the insight, resources and facilities to allow businesses to explore, test and innovate using these latest network technologies.

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