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The Innovate UK BridgeAI programme is an Innovate UK national programme seeking to stimulate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in sectors of the UK economy that have the highest growth potential for AI use cases and developing a strong customer base. The programme is designed to leverage commercialisation interventions, allowing early innovators to tap into potential market opportunities that are relevant to their products and services.

The BridgeAI programme will help to ensure all areas of the UK economy can benefit from productivity gains and an increase in gross value-add, supporting the transition to an AI-enabled economy. Through the support for skills, leadership, data readiness, digital transformation and expertise in the ethical and responsible development of AI in these target sectors, the programme will encourage engagement between AI developers and adopters. It will support the development of new AI solutions to address sector specific challenges, teaching the importance of sustainable and responsible AI innovation, and addressing technical and business skills gaps limiting adoption of AI within companies of all sizes.

About the key sectors


Innovate UK BridgeAI is helping the UK’s agriculture sector adopt Artificial Intelligence safely and securely through access to industry experts and bespoke training, allowing farmers to save time, increase profits and become more efficient. Artificial Intelligence is already helping farms take on significant challenges, from informing quality of soil to identifying plant issues to real-time tracking of livestock.

The Agriculture sector includes any companies who specialise in:

    • Livestock
    • Agroforestry
    • Fishing & Acquaculture
    • Farming
    • Agritech

Creative Industries

Innovate UK BridgeAI provides the UK’s creative industries with funding and upskilling opportunities to harness Artificial Intelligence effectively and ethically. Learn more about the time and cost-saving benefits AI can provide your business, collaborate with technology experts and gain access to cutting-edge AI training with BridgeAI.

The Creative sector includes any companies who specialise in:

    • Architecture
    • Arts & Craft, Culture & Heritage
    • Design
    • Fashion
    • Film & TV
    • Gaming
    • Media
    • Music
    • Photography & Videography
    • Podcast
    • Radio & Audio
    • Publishing
    • Theatre & Performing Arts
    • Writing & Journalism
    • VXF & Animation
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Innovate UK BridgeAI makes Artificial Intelligence more accessible to the UK’s construction sector by providing funding and technical assistance to help upskill your workforce. Learn more about how AI can save you time, increase profits and be more efficient with access to industry experts, AI training and knowledge sharing through BridgeAI.

The construction sector includes any companies who specialise in:

    • Housebuilding
    • Buildings
    • Infrastructure


Innovate UK BridgeAI is helping businesses and organisations in the transport sector implement Artificial Intelligence responsibly with tailored funding, AI training and support from trusted experts. Learn more how AI can help your organisation with secure data management, risk modelling and better decision making.

The transport sector includes any companies who specialise in:

    • Aviation, Bus & Coach
    • Light Rail
    • Tram & Metro Services, Rail
    • Taxi & Private Hire
    • Water Transport
    • Personal Vehicles
    • Micro-mobility
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Delivery Partners

Innovate UK BridgeAI is an Innovate UK funded programme, delivered by a consortium including Innovate UK, Digital Catapult, The Alan Turing Institute, STFC Hartree Centre and BSI.

BridgeAI empowers UK businesses in high-growth sectors, driving productivity and economic growth through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. We bridge the gap between developers and end-users, fostering user-driven AI technologies.

With a focus on ethics, transparency, and data privacy, we aim to build trust and confidence in the development of AI solutions. Strengthening AI leadership, supporting workforces, and promoting responsible innovation, BridgeAI shapes a collaborative and AI-enabled future.

Our role

Connecting businesses with AI experts

By bringing together expertise from across industry, academia, and government stakeholders, BridgeAI brings distinct specialisms and knowledge pools together to increase AI adoption in high-potential sectors.

We work with different startups, SMEs and larger organisations in the AI, agriculture, transport, construction and creative ecosystems to provide a platform for meaningful collaborations and co-creation of cutting-edge approaches to AI adoption and innovation.

AI Adoption workshops: Responsible digitalisation, data maturity and data readiness

We help industry adopters understand their organisation’s Digital Readiness, Data Maturity and Data Readiness and explore the commercial value of responsible and ethical AI and how to translate its theory into practice.

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Technical resources and insights

We provide support and access to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise to help further develop AI products, services and market fit – engaging with technical experts and offering access to technical resources.

Investment and fundraising

We foster a better understanding of the investment opportunities for AI in the four key-target sectors, such as patient capital, significant scalability and customer pipelines.

Providing access to a network of investors and gaining insight into the fundraising process and the variety of financing options available.

Digital Catapult Toolkits & Reports

AI Adoption Toolkit

The AI adoption assessment toolkit has launched, which aims to stimulate the adoption of AI & ML technologies in the agriculture, creative, construction, and transport sectors.

The Digital and Data Maturity assessments will help gauge the level of maturity an organisation is at in terms of digital and data maturity and provide them with steps for moving to the next level. The Data Readiness assessment will assess the data readiness of an organisation for AI adoption and will outline important areas that should be worked upon to move towards the journey of AI adoption.

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Our Ethics Framework

Our ethics framework is a highly practical tool for individuals and organisations developing AI-enabled products and services that want to build value-aligned technologies with positive effects whilst avoiding negative consequences.

The framework consists of seven concepts with a corresponding list of questions. The questions are intended to highlight the many contexts in which an ethical concept might be relevant to a business or project.

The right time to start thinking about these questions is at the earliest stages of company growth, and to consider current, near and mid-future potential effects. The framework helps characterise ethical opportunities and potential risks and is open and clear about how these are evaluated and managed.

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Digital Catapult BridgeAI activities

FutureScope BridgeAI Accelerator Programme

FutureScope BridgeAI Acceleration Programme provides startups and scaleups with access to technical and business expertise and an experimentation space to help them develop responsible, ethical and desirable AI and ML deep-tech solutions.

This accelerator programme is part of FutureScope, our deep tech acceleration support.

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Expert Working Groups

We are recruiting for four BridgeAI Expert Working Groups (EWGs) that will play a critical role in our work to coalesce and align the UK’s bustling AI developer community with industry players in the agriculture, transport, construction and creative industries.

Each group will include a representative from:

  • the AI developer community
  • an end-user/adopter
  • a representative from academia
  • a representative from the investment community
  • an innovation enabler.

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