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Verizon – A journey to 5G

Posted 10 Jan 2022

Verizon – A journey to 5G:

This report is written for business end-users, aiming to provide the knowledge needed to navigate private 5G networks and edge computing in order to help businesses achieve their goals. Produced by Digital Catapult on behalf of Verizon, it aims to fill the information gap around these technologies. It explores how private 5G and edge computing will drive business growth, and how to achieve it.

The report is based on in-depth consultation with industry professionals across the UK, Germany, Italy, Denmark and other European countries at various stages of their 5G implementation journey. It provides insights into the benefits of 5G (private 5G networks in particular) and edge computing for enterprise users.

To read this report that has been produced by Digital Catapult on behalf of Verizon please continue to the Verizon 5G page here, the report is listed under a journey to 5g.