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Meet us at The AI Summit 2024

Date: 12 June 2024 10:00 - 13 June 2024 17:20

Event overview

The AI Summit London is a two day event that brings together the most forward-thinking technologists and business professionals in the UK, Europe, and beyond to explore the real-world applications of AI. On the 12th and 13th June, the conference will celebrate this emerging and transformative technology and offer an all-round immersive experience.

Taking over London’s Tobacco Dock this June, the Summit provides an abundance of opportunities for AI-adopters to arm themselves with the contacts and expertise needed to ensure their next project is a success.

The Quantum Computing summit will take place as part of the AI Summit as a one day event on 12th June and will be a great opportunity for guests to discover the potential of quantum computing and real use cases.

Hear from us

Chair of the Quantum Summit

June 12th

Paul Ceely, Director of Technology Strategy at Digital Catapult will be an ever present figure as the Chair at the Quantum Summit this year, which will see him delivering the opening and closing remarks

Accelerating quantum computing adoption – Enabling industrial use case exploration through QTAP 

June 12th, 11:30 – 11.55

Joseph Day-Evans, Quantum Computing Technologist and Daniela Valenzuela, Innovation Delivery Manager at Digital Catapult will be sharing the learnings and experiences from the recent Quantum Technology Access Programme (QTAP),  a first-of-its-kind programme run by Digital Catapult.

This programme bridged the gap between quantum computing suppliers and end-users through a tailored training and education programme in partnership with consortium partners ORCA Computing and Riverlane. Eleven companies across different industries in the UK explored relevant use cases using quantum computing across optimisation, machine learning and simulation. As part of this talk, you can also hear from one of the QTAP participants exploring quantum computing for the energy sector.


Furthering Quantum Cryptanalysis research

June 12th, 16:35

Tim WoodCryptography Engineer at Digital Catapult will be joined by Florence Lewine, Policy advisor for the U.S Department of Homeland Security to discuss Furthering Quantum Cryptanalysis Research.

This discussion will look at the ongoing research into potential vulnerabilities of existing cryptographic systems to quantum attacks, the evolution of quantum-safe cryptographic solutions and the development of hybrid cryptographic systems to provide enhanced security amongst other topics.


AIConics Quantum of the Year nomination

Daniel Goldsmith, Senior Quantum Computing Technologist at Digital Catapult has been nominated for the AIConics Quantum Computing Innovator of The Year in recognition of his work in bringing the QTAP programme to life.

This award has been put together to celebrate the pioneering minds in quantum computing who are exploring the practical application of quantum in the workplace.

Be sure to vote for Daniel here.


Tobacco Dock

Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, London, E1W 2SF