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Daniel Goldsmith

Senior Quantum Computing Technologist

Daniel has a Masters in Quantum Technology at University College, London, and researched Quantum Error Correction Codes. He has experience of working with quantum annealing and photonic computers, as well as the standard quantum circuit model. He has a good understanding of algorithms for the NISQ and the fault tolerant era. He is particularly interested in quantum machine learning.

Daniel also has extensive experience of leading teams to design, build, test, cut over, and operate global ERP IT systems. This has given him an excellent understanding of the key elements of a successful IT implementation. He has a deep knowledge of technical and process architecture and has worked in key integration roles on large and complex projects.  

Daniel also has a good appreciation of finance, gained from qualifying as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young, and then working as a European Financial Controller for a technology firm earlier in his career. He studied Physics at Jesus College, Cambridge.