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Internet of things

Accelerating the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) to make the connected world a commercial reality.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a widespread and pervasive technology in our society. It can be viewed as a global infrastructure of digital devices with sensors, decision making capabilities and the ability to take machine-based actions, interconnecting both physical and virtual worlds.

We offer expertise and capabilities across the breath of IoT technologies, from devices and connectivity to industrial digital platforms. Building proof of concepts, demonstrators and pilots, conducting benchmarking and qualifications, and co-creating testbeds to help innovators leverage IoT technologies to grow the UK industry. 

We focus on low-power communication technologies, advanced sensing technologies, energy harvesting, self-powered and battery technologies, robotics and autonomous systems, industrial digital platforms, service orchestration, IoT interoperability, governance and ethics. 

Within our industrial IoT lab we offer organisations a hands-on environment with access to cutting edge IoT technologies, tools and equipment. The lab allows users to see real-world IoT examples and practical use cases, including smart manufacturing, digital supply chains, inventory management, robotics and autonomous systems. 

We continuously develop our capabilities in IoT business analysis and business models, digital transformation strategies, and IoT product lifecycle management, to help organisations effectively use IoT technologies.

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