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Hydrogen Sensor Accelerator Programme


Digital Catapult’s Hydrogen Sensor Accelerator is a pioneering eight-week programme translating the UK strategy for hydrogen technology developed with industry-wide input and partners including the Catapult Network, the Aerospace Technology Institute, the Net Zero Technology Centre and the National Physical Laboratory.

This programme is part of the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (HII). HII is a transformative initiative, supported by Innovate UK and the Industrial Advisory Board, with a vision to propel hydrogen technology into a cornerstone of the UK’s industrial landscape. 

Digital Catapult’s Hydrogen Sensor Accelerator programme offers a unique opportunity for five startups engaged in sensor development, both within and beyond the hydrogen sector, to accelerate the preparedness of sensors for the hydrogen sector and support standardisation as well as to access a platform for advancing the hydrogen supply chain.

The five selected businesses taking part in the programme are poised to play a pivotal role in laying the foundation for a robust and flourishing hydrogen sector and become integral contributors to shape the future of hydrogen technology.

What are the key challenges that the Hydrogen sector is currently facing?

Effective hydrogen utilisation encounters challenges due to insufficient sensor deployment and inherent accuracy limitations. The complex task of identifying hydrogen classes (green, blue, or grey) and understanding their applications adds challenges in securing insurance for impure hydrogen and addressing potential impacts on equipment and users.

A notable gap exists in establishing standardised protocols, with a lack of consensus on parameters like hydrogen purity, measurement criteria, and assessment timings, resulting in the creation of voluntary standards. Uncertainty surrounds the allocation of liability for ensuring hydrogen purity in pre-mix and post-mix scenarios, particularly in mixed gas mains and vessels transporting various hydrogen purities.

The imperative to address these challenges stems from the necessity for comprehensive solutions.

Navigating these complexities has informed the development of the Hydrogen Sensor Accelerator, to contribute to a more secure and standardised hydrogen infrastructure.

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The five selected businesses will benefit from strategic guidance, mentorship excellence, holistic diagnostics, tailored support, cutting-edge testing facility, and a showcase platform to accelerate their product readiness for the Hydrogen supply chain, explore R&D funding avenues, and revolutionise their market presence.

Regular interactions with the Digital Catapult team of experts to assess, iterate and accelerate the readiness of products for the Hydrogen supply chain

One to ones with mentors ranging from the hydrogen ecosystem, Catapult Network and HII partners

Diagnostic sessions to determine current IoT technological, commercial and strategic needs

Tailored support for product readiness, technical and investment roadmap, business planning and marketing strategy

Access to Digital Catapult’s IoT lab and testing with different communications, architecture, services

Exclusive showcase event to present progress to industry representatives and potential customers

Our partners

Our partners include: the Catapult Network, the Aerospace Technology Institute, the Net Zero Technology Centre and the National Physical Laboratory.

Our cohort companies

Five innovative businesses joined the cohort of the Hydrogen Sensor Accelerator programme in January 2024 to accelerate the development of sensor products and benefit the Hydrogen industry. 

The companies include eLansys, Hy-Met, Bohr, DefProc Engineering, and Gas Sensing Solutions.