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Harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology

Posted 7 Jul 2022

Sellafield DLT Field Lab Report

How Digital Catapult’s Field Lab methodology can transform your business

Digital Catapult’s Field Labs™ are a proven method for growing the understanding, readiness and uptake of technological transformation within an existing business or ecosystem.

Sellafield Ltd, the UK’s largest nuclear decommissioning site, worked in collaboration with Digital Catapult to run a DLT Field Lab™ to explore how distributed systems and distributed ledger technology could be used to solve current and future nuclear industry challenges.

Digital Catapult brought together stakeholders from Sellafield Ltd, the wider nuclear industry, technology innovators, startups and scaleups to discuss the multiple technical and operational issues faced by Sellafield Ltd, which led to the identification of two pressing challenges to address:

  • Tracking nuclear waste
  • Managing worker credentials

Both challenges involved coordinating multiple independent stakeholders to enable trusted data exchange and verification, making them ideal scenarios for the application of distributed systems and distributed ledger technology. Following a rigorous selection process, two UK tech startups, RKVST and Condatis, were selected to partner with Sellafield Ltd and develop solutions to these challenges.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • About the approach and methodology of Digital Catapult’s DLT Field Labs
  • The collaborative process with Sellafield Ltd and the wider nuclear industry
  • How two innovative companies, RKVST and Condatis, used DLT technology to solve the challenges faced by Sellafield Ltd
  • The benefits of adopting distributed systems to solve modern day business problems

If your organisation is interested in exploring how Digital Catapult’s Field Labs could solve your industry challenges, get in touch with the DLT Field Labs team at [email protected]