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DLT Field Labs

A collaboration initiative that explores how distributed ledger technologies can be applied to solve challenges within a specific industry

Digital Catapult’s DLT Field Labs offer businesses the opportunity to explore how distributed ledger technologies can address commercial and operational challenges.

Bringing leading technology businesses together with industry partners, researchers and business experts, each Field Lab is framed around an industry-specific topic of interest. These clusters of commercial, research, and regulatory partners collectively explore the implications and benefits of DLT in the chosen context.

The labs provide a collaborative process, and a framework within which to de-risk practical experimentation, and put new DLT applications into action. Organisations can deploy and test the latest technology in real-world (and close to real world) environments.

DLT Field Labs run in iterative, agile cycles to test and pivot around key barriers and opportunities. All findings are shared with participating organisations, including technical,
business model, value proposition, legal and governmental challenges.

As well as providing access to Digital Catapult’s industry leading DLT expertise, DLT Field Labs help businesses to:

  • Collaborate within an agreed legal framework and environment
  • Access the broadest network of DLT innovators
  • Develop and deploy DLT solutions for existing real-world challenges
  • Demonstrate practical capabilities to attract partners and investors
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency

So far, Digital Catapult has created three DLT Field Labs: for the oil and gas industry, the construction industry and for the nuclear decommissioning industry, each of which has developed a roadmap for implementing change based on DLT as part of the advanced digital technology stack.

For more information on the applications of DLT, read the report: Blockchain in Action: State of the UK Market.

To get involved or suggest a suitable industry challenge, please register your interest below, or get in touch with our DLT Field Labs team at [email protected]