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Working at Digital Catapult

At Digital Catapult we are always looking for talented people to join our expert teams. We help to create new products, services, experiences and business models that grow the UK economy through the application of advanced digital technologies.

Advanced digital technology is rapidly changing the manufacturing and creative industries. With massive growth potential predicted for future networks, immersive and artificial intelligence, you will play a role in helping UK businesses successfully adopt technology to help them realise their full potential.

At Digital Catapult we are proud to be building an open, diverse and agile community. We are committed to the continual progression of equality, diversity and inclusion within the workplace, in our teams and through the work we deliver. To ensure we deliver on this promise we have ongoing work streams in place to continue on our journey and our established partnership with Inclusive Employers further reflects our commitment.

We recognise and value the advantages and opportunities that come with having people from diverse backgrounds working with us and it is our ambition to build an organisation which is representative and reflective of UK society. We believe equality, diversity and inclusion are key to creating an enjoyable and positive company culture and ultimately to the overall success of our business and of others with whom we work. Our company values are ambition, curiosity, openness and optimism. The value openness allows our employees to be themselves and demonstrates the importance of respecting each other. Our brilliant people ambitiously strive to inspire, drive and deliver positive change in the sectors and technology areas we work in, both across the UK and globally. 

Get hands on with a variety of advanced digital technologies including 5G, internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, smart contracts and artificial intelligence.

If you experience any problems please contact [email protected].

ESG, Sustainability & Impact at Digital Catapult

Sustainability involves meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It considers environmental, social and economic dimensions, recognising that all must be considered together to find lasting prosperity and well-being of individuals and societies. Digital Catapult has tremendous potential to create products and services to make positive change in the world and are already doing so with Net Zero, EU Green Deal, 5PRING initiatives and the Made Smarter Accelerator. 2020/2021 was a challenging year across the whole economy, and Digital Catapult also felt the impact on our plans, which were rapidly adapted to align with the evolving context. We immediately moved to support companies through the pandemic period, providing essential market intelligence to inform Government strategy and delivery routes to support company survival. As sustainability and net zero gain traction, particularly in our manufacturing work, we have adapted our projects as our strategy evolves to support the recovery; developing cross technology approaches to industrial challenges to help companies across our key sectors of focus to achieve greater resilience, sustainability, inclusion and a competitive edge through adoption of advanced digital technologies.