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Immersive Labs

What our immersive lab offers you

Built to encourage and support the UK’s growing immersive community in developing commercially viable immersive content and applications, the labs provide an ideal place to test and demonstrate immersive experiences and showcase ideas to prospective clients, investors and customers.

Located across the UK, our Immersive Labs are a network of facilities that supports the UK’s growing immersive community. Each space is equipped with the latest augmented and virtual reality equipment and is available for hire by businesses of all sizes, academia and researchers.

Visit the Immersive Labs and see examples of immersive content and applications. Join workshops and training sessions to bring you and your team up to speed with the latest developments in this emerging industry.

Book the lab to develop and test your ideas in collaboration with others. Take advantage of a wide range of specialist and exclusive kit, including: mixed reality green screen (LIV), haptic gloves (Manus), motion capture suit (Perception Neuron), pupil tracking , and holographic display hardware (The Looking Glass/Hololens).

Who can use it

Our labs are available for businesses who are working with immersive technologies to book for demonstrations, specialist development, and showcases.




101 Euston Road, London, UK

North East Tees Valley

PROTO, Abbott’s Hill, Baltic Business Quarter, Gateshead NE8 3DF

Northern Ireland

Ormeau Baths, 18 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, BT2 8HS

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