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Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating industry adoption of Artificial Intelligence and growing the UK’s machine learning ecosystem

The aim of the artificial intelligence programme is to accelerate adaptation of artificial intelligence technology by UK industry
Anat Elhalal

Head of Technology - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lead, Digital Catapult

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are already transforming the global economy. These technologies may use huge datasets to find better ways of completing complex tasks and range from simple process automation to deep Machine Learning. The ability to automate, predict and deliver is at the very heart of digital innovation. However, the rising cost of computation power is a significant barrier for small innovative companies to prosper in this market.

Why Digital Catapult is focused on AI

It’s been estimated that AI could add £630bn to the UK economy by 2035. Digital Catapult is supporting UK business to enable them to realise this potential by providing leading-edge computation power facilities and innovation programmes that facilitate collaboration across industry and academia.

The UK Government have identified the AI Grand Challenge as a key part of its Industrial Strategy. Digital Catapult is rapidly expanding its programme to lead the adoption of AI and grow the UK’s machine learning ecosystem.

How we support the development and adoption of AI

 Digital Catapult is enabling the adoption of AI through our programme, Machine Intelligence Garage.

We are opening up the power of AI technologies in four ways:

  • Providing much needed access to compute power for small innovative businesses to train their algorithms on large data sets.
  • Providing access to expertise and experimentation space for companies of all sizes to learn about different computation resources and supporting technologies by experiencing them.
  • Collaborating with large businesses to speed up the adoption of AI through open innovation and acceleration programmes.
  • Working with policymakers and academics to ensure the UK takes the lead in transparent and ethical AI applications.

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