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FutureScope Industrial Net Zero Scale

Digital Catapult’s FutureScope enables startups and scaleups to collaborate across technologies, business stages and markets, and address real-world challenges through…

Open date: 29 Nov 2021 Close date: 23 Jan 2022


Providing the UK media production sector and creative industries with the first research and innovation studio for virtual production, in…

5G Festival

5G Festival is the world’s first 5G powered hybrid immersive festival including live and remotely collaborating artists and audiences.

Technologies & Industries and the Internet of Things (IoT). Distributed systems Distributed ledger technologies and blockchain. Immersive Haptics and virtual, augmented and…

Smart Manufacturing Experiment

Manufacturers of all sizes can apply to get a free crash course on Industry 4.0 technologies.

Open date: 2 Aug 2022 Close date: 13 Sep 2022

Future Networks Lab

...the below technology areas interest you? –Please Select– IOT and Future Networks (5G) Immersive (VR, AR and haptics) Artificial intelligence…

Immersive Labs

...Future Networks (5G) Immersive (VR, AR and haptics) Artificial intelligence (AI and machine learning) Distributed systems (distributed ledger technologies/ Blockchain)…