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Open call

Immersive in training: Enhancing the manufacturing process

Open date: Monday 5 August 2019   Close date: Friday 23 August 2019

Working as part of NIAECC, Northern Ireland Advanced Engineering Competence Centre in partnership with Bombardier Aerospace, Thales UK and Denroy Plastics Ltd, this open call seeks to discover the potential of virtual reality (VR) as a training tool within manufacturing.

The three global manufacturers are each looking for innovative solutions to deliver flexible training which can be carried out off-site and in safe conditions, resulting in reduced training times and costs.

The challenges

Each company has a specific assembly and maintenance task to be used as the basis for an immersive training demonstrator.

  • Bombardier Aerospace: How can VR be used to address ongoing issues of training for assembly and maintenance in relation to key aircraft engines?
  • Thales UK has identified a possible use of a VR application on a tablet for the purpose of training staff prior to assembly and installation. This application would also be used as a reference aid during assembly of a battery box and its installation into vehicles
  • Denroy Plastics Ltd is interested in developing a VR model to facilitate training in complex assembly tasks related to tool and moulding machine settings

The VR solutions presented should be able to:

  • Support partner companies to gain further understanding into the end to end development of VR applications and how these address each challenge
  • To deliver examples for the use of VR in relation to assembly and maintenance within the manufacturing industry
  • The VR solutions should demonstrate the potential for the use of VR to improve productivity and increase the offering to partner companies’ customers
  • Illustrate the investment of knowledge, equipment, data infrastructure and specialist expertise to create VR solutions for use by the partner companies

Why get involved?

This is a great opportunity for immersive content providers to work with leading manufacturing companies.

  • This is a fully funded commercial opportunity with up to £45,000 available for the successful project to develop a proof of concept with the partners. This funding will be split across the three challenges
  • This opportunity does not require matched funding from participating companies
  • This is a unique opportunity for a startup to apply its solutions with global manufacturing companies on a VR Training platform, with the potential for a global roll out

Who should apply?

We’re looking for startups and scaleups with expertise in immersive technologies with a track record of successful delivery solutions ideally within the training arena.

  • Applicant organisations must have the ability to build VR demonstrators by 16 January 2020
  • Applicants should be available to attend the pitch day on 29 August at NIACE, Belfast
  • Applications must be received in full by the application close date on 23 August 2019, 17:00
  • Successful applicants that are awarded the contract must be willing to travel to Belfast to collaborate with partners at their own expense

Additional information

The partner companies will provide 3D models and more details on the designated equipment which will form the subject of their own assembly and maintenance VR Training demonstrators. It is expected that the partner companies will have the opportunity to interact with the content providers directly.

The project budget of up to £45,000 will be split between successful bidders, however if one bidder can deliver all three solutions then this will be taken into consideration.

Pitches will be judged on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Value for money
  • Improves productivity as a result of training
  • Reduces time required for training
  • Technically feasible

Interested parties that require additional information on evaluation criteria, KPIs and potential challenges should contact the Digital Catapult Northern Ireland team: [email protected]