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Open call

5G Testbed Accelerator Programme

Open date: Tuesday 30 July 2019   Close date: Monday 23 September 2019

We’re looking for the next cohort of companies to join our 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme. Designed for startups and scaleups, this 20 week programme provides access to the tools, facilities and expertise needed to discover, develop and test new products and services using 5G.

The programme offers selected organisations the opportunity:

  • Access to 5G testbed facilities in Brighton and London
  • 5G technology support from Digital Catapult experts
  • Business mentoring from 5G technologists, business and innovation pros

The 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme provides access to Digital Catapult’s 5G testbed facilities in London and Brighton. The London testbed is located in the Digital Catapult (101 Euston Road, London, NW1 2RA) and the Brighton testbed is located in the Fusebox innovation hub (New England House, Brighton, BN1 4GH), a space managed by Wired Sussex.

Currently the 5G Brighton testbed is configured to provide up to 125Mbps download and 44Mbps upload performance in an unloaded network. The testbed can support up to 24 simultaneous users.

Digital Catapult 5G Testbeds: Current features

  • 4G LTE radio access network operating in licenced spectrum using a non-operational testing and development license granted by Ofcom (Band 7)
  • Commercial grade packet core network software with local breakout capability
  • Ability to emulate slicing (through local breakout)
  • Edge computing and storage support (computational nodes available for in-network processing)
  • 1Gbps internet connection (firewalled)
  • Mobile user equipment (smartphones, laptops with mobile broadband dongles and tablets with cellular access) with pre-configured SIM cards
  • Technical support for testbed user project integration

The technology strand of the programme is supported by a 5G Technologist and Testbed Manager who will work closely to support members setting up solutions on the Testbed(s). The business innovation element is led by 5G Acceleration Programme Leads with the support of a group of mentors and business modelling experts.

Who should apply

Ambitious startups and scaleups with an interest in developing new products, services and experiences technically and commercially through 5G technology are encouraged to apply.

It is important to note participants will be required to attend masterclasses and to undertake testing on the 5G Brighton Testbed. This will require your presence in Brighton over many days. You will need the capacity to meet this requirement in order to apply.

Digital Catapult’s 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme can support:

  • Innovators that use infrastructure services, as an enabler
  • Infrastructure technology companies that will innovate inside the communications network itself, such as building edge computing solutions and platforms

What we’re looking for:

  • Business plan: you have a well-defined and viable product or service
  • Early stage: you are an early stage company (startup and scaleup)
  • 5G interest: you are interested in different business models that 5G creates/you are interested in how 5G can improve models/services/products

Why get involved

This is a unique opportunity for startups and scaleups to learn about 5G capabilities, develop new offerings that embrace the potential of disruptive technologies, and test new products and services in a safe environment.

By joining the programme organisations will be able to:

  • Learn about 5G and how to build competitive advantage
  • Test and develop new products and services in a safe environment
  • Access technical and business expertise
  • Participate in challenge-led innovation programmes
  • Demonstrate solutions to commercial players in the UK market
  • Identify opportunities to access public innovation funds
  • Become part of a growing community and attend regular workshops and events

Additional info

Examples of the offered masterclasses are: 5G Deep Dive, Value Proposition and Storytelling, Experience Design, Accessing Public Funds for Innovation, and Technology Roadmap Alignment.

Are you 5G ready?

If you are unsure and think you need help with your use case to be deployed before taking part in the 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme we offer the below 5G Technology Readiness Series – just select “no, not ready” when completing the form.

Designed for startups and scaleups who see potential applications for 5G within their business, but do not yet have a well defined use case, the 5G Technology Readiness Series, will help organisations to:

  • Gain access to 5G expertise
  • Learn about the capabilities of 5G
  • Explore possible 5G use cases
  • Select and develop a single use case in further detail
  • Prepare to apply to a future cohort of the 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme

They include:

  • 5G 101 – An overview of 5G, via webinar, from Digital Catapult 5G technologists, with the opportunity to ask questions relevant to possible business use cases. Receive guidance on key elements of defining a use case.
  • Use case review – A 1-2-1 call with technologists and the Digital Catapult innovation team to review the use cases, centring around their technical feasibility and innovative/market potential. This will act as a mechanism to help select one of the proposed use cases to define in greater detail
  • Proposal creation – Expand the detail around a suggested use case, including a roadmap for developing a demonstrator/proof of concept for the idea, to take the solution forward.

If you would like to find out more about the programme, please contact [email protected].