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Weather Ledger – User Insights Report

Posted 30 Jul 2020

Digital Catapult is providing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and internet of things (IoT) expertise and creating a framework of standards for the Weather Ledger, an Innovate UK project.

As part of the Weather Ledger project, this user insights report explores and reveals insights into the human level impacts of weather based compensation events. Identifying potential improvements to the weather risk management process and the likely benefits of general process improvement and through the use of digitalisation.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the topics most relevant to potential solution users, this report provides useful insights into a pertinent DLT and IoT solution for the Weather Ledger project. This project is part of the Innovate UK funded Transforming Construction Challenge which aims to transform the construction sector and allow it to produce “safe, healthy, efficient buildings using the latest digital manufacturing techniques”.