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Weather Ledger – Industry Insights Report

Posted 30 Jul 2020

Digital Catapult is providing distributed ledger technology (DLT) and internet of things (IoT) expertise and creating a framework of standards for the Weather Ledger, an Innovate UK project.

Inside this Industry Insights report there is a snapshot of:

  • the UK’s construction sector;
  • its largest challenges, and how the sector may benefit from digitalisation, and;
  • the vast potential that digitalisation of weather compensation events can offer in light of the sector’s need to modernise and keep healthy profit margins.

This pertinent contextual analysis explains the Weather Ledger project and its objectives, and ultimately aims to inform and drive the impact of utilising advanced digital technologies for this particular use case. The report findings uncover the potential and need for the digitalisation of weather compensation events for the construction sector, demonstrates savings gained through productivity enhancements and the reduced time to complete construction projects, as well as streamlining legal proceedings.