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Diverse Founders in Advanced Digital Technology Report – 2023

Posted 10 Oct 2023

Diverse Founders in Advanced Digital Technology Report

In a groundbreaking report commissioned by Digital Catapult, we unveil a comprehensive analysis of the state of founder diversity in the UK’s technology landscape. This report, produced in collaboration with leading research firm Beauhurst, offers a deep dive into investment trends and the background of founders in the advanced digital sectors.

Key Highlights

  • The UK is in a leading position: The report reaffirms the UK’s dominance in raising technology investment and the sheer amount of high-growth startups compared to European peers. It’s a testament to the nation’s thriving technology ecosystem.
  • Inequality among founders persists: Despite impressive growth, disparities persist, especially concerning female founders and those from ethnic minority backgrounds. The report highlights specific technology areas where diversity and inclusion initiatives can make a meaningful impact.
  • Investment trends over the past decade: Notable findings include substantial investments in immersive technology, where all-female and mixed-gender teams are securing significant funding. However, disparities remain, especially in fields like distributed systems and quantum.

Actions for Change

  • Investors must actively seek opportunities to support underrepresented founders, bridging the investment gap and fostering diversity and innovation within the tech industry.
  • Industry leaders, businesses and investors must collaborate to create more accessible funding opportunities and support programmes for underrepresented founders. Building a more inclusive technology ecosystem is a shared responsibility.

Dive into the report to explore the current state of the industry and understand how founder backgrounds vary across different technology areas, from quantum to immersive.