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Digital solutions for the energy sector

Posted 15 May 2024

The development of this white paper was part-funded by the Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (HII).

The energy industry is experiencing a significant transition towards decentralisation, decarbonisation, and digitisation. This transition will provide new opportunities and challenges for investment and growth for both domestic and international players.

  • Worldwide grid-related investment in digital technologies has surged by over 50% since 2015, with total grid investment anticipated to have increased by 19% in 2023. (Tracking Clean Energy Progress)
  • Investment in digital-related grid efficiency hit a record high of US $63 billion globally in 2022. (Tracking Clean Energy Progress)
  • The IEA projects that annual investment in electricity grids must average around US $600 billion until 2030 to align with the NZE Scenario trajectory, nearly doubling current investment levels of approximately US $300 billion per year.

This report looks at challenges shared across the UK energy sector, as well as digital interventions that will enable the UK energy ecosystem to deliver low carbon energy faster and more reliably. It further examines the impact of the growing digital technologies and infrastructure on the energy sector and the role of responsible technology leadership in enabling a green digital transition.

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