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Digital Catapult Annual Engagement and Impact Report 2022

Posted 9 Nov 2022

In the latest Annual Engagement and Impact report, Digital Catapult shares highlights from the past year, and demonstrates how it continues to accelerate industry adoption of advanced digital technologies to drive growth and opportunity across the UK economy.

Digital Catapult continues to have significant impact, working with 2,743 startups in the past five years, establishing 22 new academic collaborative research and development engagements and 34 new industrial collaborations and partnerships. 

The Annual Engagement and Impact Report provides information about the range of industry-leading programmes spanning artificial intelligence and machine learning, immersive technologies, future networks technologies including 5G, Open RAN and Industrial IoT, as well as distributed systems technologies and quantum computing. 

We are increasingly focused on looking more broadly at market defined application areas where a combination of technologies can have tangible benefits in the real world: Digital Infrastructure, Digital Supply Chains, and Virtualisation.