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Industry Groups

Connecting the telecoms ecosytem

Our industry groups bring together core stakeholders from across the telecoms ecosystem to share their journey in the future of network deployment.

Strategic Advisory Board

The SONIC Labs Strategic Advisory Board provides experts insights and advises on challenges, opportunities, technology roadmaps and capabilities relating to 5G diversification.

Membership is composed of ten public and private stakeholders from the telecoms industry, with accomplished experts offering independent advice and a dynamic perspective to benefit the wider ecosystem. Members include representatives of Open RAN vendors, system integrators, testbeds and academia, as well as potential adopters of Open RAN operators and neutral hosts.

Industry groups

Our industry groups give SONIC Labs and our programme participants the chance to draw on the experience and expertise of key industry players on future network deployment across the telecoms ecosystem.


The Mobile Network Industry Group

As key adopters of Open RAN technology and products, SONIC Labs benefits from the invaluable insights from MNOs on new product requirements, as well as giving exposure to SONIC Labs participants.

The Wireless Infrastructure Industry Group

The wireless infrastructure, neutral host and telecoms services providers are considered future adopters of Open RAN technologies for neutral host and private networks.

The Testbed Industry Group

Established testbeds in the UK and overseas explore how SONIC Labs can support international companies looking to enter the UK Open RAN market.