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About FutureScope

The UK has an outstanding ecosystem of startups and scaleups driving innovation through advanced digital technologies.

For these innovators to reach their full potential and transform the future of the industry, they need access to a range of specialist expertise and strong networks. FutureScope is designed for this purpose. FutureScope the home for Digital Catapult’s acceleration programmes and built onto our best practice framework to develop UK startups and scaleups in advanced digital technology.

We invite technology innovators at all stages of maturity – from early-stage to growth stage – to benefit from our market-leading expertise and facilities to drive change in the UK’s most critical industries.

FutureScope participants will become part of Digital Catapult’s network of technologists, investors, industry buyers and researchers driving change through advanced digital technologies across the UK and internationally.

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Programme benefits

From initiation through to scaling your business, FutureScope responds to your changing needs at each stage of the product and business lifecycle. It offers cross-technology, impact-driven expert support at every stage of business growth.

Digital Catapult FutureScope participants receive expert and timely support at every stage of their business growth, benefiting from our market-leading expertise and facilities.

World class mentorship

Focused workshops

Network access

Access to facilities

Demo and pitch

Investment essentials and connections

FutureScope is cross-technology, impact-driven and startup lifecycle focused.

Digital Catapult’s FutureScope brings together our diverse range of acceleration programmes and activities that uniquely connect small business potential to the growth of the UK industry. We enable startups and scaleups to collaborate across technologies, business stages and markets and address real-world challenges through innovation in:

  • Immersive technologies, including virtual, augmented and cross-reality
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Future networks, including 5G and IoT technologies
  • Distributed systems, such as distributed ledger technologies

The long term benefits of FutureScope extend beyond any series of programmes and series of activities. Taking part in FutureScope also means connecting with Digital Catapult’s far-reaching network: the innovators, technologists, investors, industry buyers and researchers who are driving impactful change through advanced digital technologies, across the UK and internationally.

Designed for all stages of maturity

FutureScope offers six programmes of activity, each designed to support varying stages of product and business maturity. Businesses will need to meet the individual business requirements of the programme they are applying for.


  • Initiate – Support for growing new skills
  • Incubate – Support for product service incubation
  • Experiment – Support for experimentation and development
  • Accelerate – Focused on early-stage business and investment support
  • Build – Building demonstrations and minimum viable products with relevance to industry challenges
  • Scale – Focusing on growth and early stage scale support, for companies at Series A+ stage of funding

What we’re looking for

FutureScope applications will be selected based on the following criteria. Please note individual briefs will have specific requirements listed on the application brief.

Relevant stage of maturity to programme requirements

Technical and sector alignment

The idea is original and holds strength

Growth potential

Team quality and expertise relevant to the solution

Environmental and social considerations to impact

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