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TOffeeAM: case study

Valuable support for a startup seeking Series A funding

TOffeeAM is a cloud platform for optimising engineering component designs and simulating their thermo-fluid and structural performance. Using TOffeeAM’s intelligent generative design software, engineers can achieve greater levels of design complexity and efficiency, while eliminating lengthy trial and iteration processes.

TOffeeAM began as a spin-out from Imperial College, London. As a small startup emerging from an academic environment, there was a need to build business and technology expertise, and to develop relationships within the innovation and investment communities. Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage answered all these needs, and more.

Connecting a small startup with big investors

Machine Intelligence Garage helped TOffeeAM to address many practical and technological challenges. For example, access to free credits from AWS and Google, enabled them to free up more of their own resources to support other priorities. The team had already achieved investment of £880,000 before the programme started, and recently closed on Series A funding to support their rapid and successful growth, in the UK and overseas.

TOffeeAM was featured as part of Digital Catapult’s FutureScope Net Zero showcase event in March 2022. This showcased the most exciting UK startups working on net zero solutions. In TOffeeAM’s case, this is the software’s ability to help engineers increase design efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and improve performance and reliability. This event led to ‘priceless’ personal introductions to Series A investors.

Building valuable connections

Access to support, and meetings with other startups played a key part in making the ToffeeAM team feel less alone – they were now able to share experiences and build enduring relationships as part of the Digital Catapult community.

The always-on support from Digital Catapult was greatly appreciated, and even for a growing AI startup, there were still new disciplines to be explored and learned about, such as AI ethics.

“We were surprised how easy it was to reach [the Digital Catapult team] – they are always available. We’re now part of the family – they don’t drop you after the programme ends.” Audrey Gaymann, chief artificial intelligence officer, TOffeeAM

About the programme

Supporting early-stage startups through access to high performance compute resources and computational power required for AI/ML product development. Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage, is an acceleration programme that addresses the challenges today’s AI and ML startups face, providing technical, ethics, business and investment support.

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