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TheWaveVR is a virtual reality platform for people who love music, enabling them to view, host, and socialise in shows world-wide, anytime, anywhere. The platform is the interstellar music festival of the future that empowers artists and music lovers alike by transforming the way everyone connects through music.

Through TheWaveVR’s integration with Google’s Poly platform, music creators can fully customise how their audience experiences music by transforming their venue with a click of a button and put on the most unimaginable light show ever.

Thanks to TheWaveVR, fans won’t have to travel the globe or miss out on their favourite DJs, musicians or festivals. They can now experience the music like never before, while socialising in totally new ways with friends.

What drew the WaveVR to the Immersive Lab

TheWaveVR is based in Austin, Texas, the home of SXSW, but as music creators and fans alike are connected all over the world, it looked to extend their footprint outside of the US.

The best VR needs to be experienced, not just described. No presentation or 2D video will ever capture the full sensation. Having a base at the Immersive Lab at Digital Catapult Centre in London allowed TheWaveVR to demonstrate its platform in an ideal environment to potential partners in the UK who may not have had access to the latest VR technology already. The lab has been crucial in allowing the team to meet with labels and independent artists in the UK and convince them of the power of virtual reality and how it can be used to connect with all music audiences.

The solution

Digital Catapult’s Immersive Labs based in London, Belfast, Brighton and Sunderland give organisations of all sizes the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest immersive technologies and access to them isn’t limited to startups and scaleups or corporates. Digital Catapult supports digital innovation more broadly by fostering industry collaboration with academia and research.

The labs can be hired to demonstrate, innovate, test and experience the latest immersive technology and content. Each space is equipped with a range of the latest augmented and virtual reality hardware to encourage commercial innovation across the UK’s growing immersive community.

Each lab is open for half day or full day bookings and delivers benefits that include:

  • Demonstrate: Companies, academics and researchers can book the lab to demonstrate their latest content, equipment or solutions.
  • Green screen mixed-reality: A comprehensive green screen mixed reality setup, including hardware and software, allows for the creation of mixed reality content that can showcase products or experiences.
  • User testing: Access to space and equipment to run user testing of immersive experiences and supporting technologies. Please note this does not include the facilitation of user groups.

The results

TheWaveVR had access to a private space from which it could demonstrate its platform in ideal conditions, supported by the latest immersive hardware. Support was also on hand from Digital Catapult staff who attended each session to ensure a smooth set up and impactful demonstration.

As a result of the TheWaveVR’s interaction with Digital Catapult’s immersive team, Immersive Labs and network of industry related companies, the company was able to gain access to a wider range of the UK’s independent music community.

In addition, through the demo sessions at the Immersive Labs, TheWaveVR has been able to demonstrate the potential of VR to many businesses within the creative industry, both large and small, that had previously not had access to the latest VR technology. This access helped it understand this new technology that has the power to unlock new revenues and new audiences across the globe.

Specifically, the company’s desire to explore a collaboration with Imogen Heap will, it is hoped, lead to TheWaveVR being able to record a unique immersive music experience with this Grammy-winning artist that will be amongst the first content to be released by TheWaveVR in the UK.

Broadened its access to the UK’s independent music creators

Allowed a broad range of creative industry partners to understand the potential for VR to transform their businesses.

Demonstrated its platform to prominent labels and artists, including Ninja Tune, Sony Music, and Imogen Heap