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Immersive Labs: case study

Immersive Labs is a UK-based startup. Founded just under a year ago, it delivers a cloud-based cyber assessment platform to measure and improve the user’s technical cyber skills.

A company can use the platform to demonstrate to clients that its team’s cyber skills are relevant and up-to-date.

The challenge

Immersive Labs was happy with its level of business growth in 2016, but applied to the Cyber 101 Programme to obtain more detailed feedback on its current market proposition and to expand its network of contacts who would be able to introduce the company to investors and more customers.

The solution

The Demo Day which forms part of the Cyber 101 Programme, was the perfect opportunity for Immersive Labs to test its pitch and extend its investor and customer network.

The day also provided the startup with the ideal environment to catch up with other Cyber 101 graduates and share the success that the company had experienced over the course of 2016.

The results

After the Demo Day, Immersive Labs received concrete follow ups in the form of enquiries from customers wanting to learn more about its offering and funding institutions wanting find out more about to what degree the company would be looking to scale in the next few years.

The company is now moving to larger offices, as following the Cyber 101 programme it has considerably increased its staff count. After hiring five new employees in just two weeks and boosting staff count to sixteen people, the company plans on hiring another four soon to cope with the influx of new business opportunities.

Cyber 101

Cyber 101 is a national programme running from January 2017 – March 2021 as part of DCMS funded activity to grow the UK’s cyber security sector and the capability of cyber security startups and scaleups. It is linked to the Develop strand of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, a series of activities that will be supported by £1.9bn public investment over the next five years.

Received frank and direct feedback on its value proposition.

Gained exposure to typical investor and customer pain points or concerns.

Increased contacts to build a network that enabled introductions to key investors and a wider customer base.

Increased staff numbers from 11 to 16 and plans to hire another four people.