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Cybershield is a cyber security startup, based in Cheltenham. With phishing emails accounting for 91% of cyber attacks on corporations, its mission is to help protect companies and employees against opening deceptive emails. The company’s software solution uses Machine Learning to detect phishing and spear phishing emails, alerting employees in real-time to the presence of both technical and social engineering attacks.

The challenge

Cybershield had developed a B2B product in the form of a Google Chrome™ extension, but despite the solutions’ clear-cut business benefits, the company still found it hard to get in front of the right people, either customers or investors, and attract their interest.

After reaching out to the Minister of State for Digital, Matt Hancock, Cybershield became connected with Digital Catapult, who enrolled it in the Cyber 101 programme.

The solution

The Demo Day, an event that forms part of the Cyber 101 programme, gave Cybershield the chance to engage with people who could help it to take the next steps in its journey towards increased business success.

Calling upon the industry experience of the Cyber 101 mentors, Cybershield was able to stress test its offering with individuals who really understood what it was trying to accomplish.

This process enabled Cybershield to identify the need to switch to a B2B model for greater market traction. In addition, the breadth of knowledge offered by the Cyber 101 mentors, along with Cybershield being placed on the Fast Forward pre-accelerator programme and then later the GCHQ accelerator programme, put the company on the right path to further growth and business success.

The results

Without Digital Catapult’s assistance and participation in the Cyber 101 programme, Cybershield wouldn’t have been able to build the network it did and improve its financial position with a healthy pipeline in place for 2018.

Cyber 101

Cyber 101 is a national programme running from January 2017 – March 2021 as part of DCMS funded activity to grow the UK’s cyber security sector and the capability of cyber security startups and scaleups. It is linked to the Develop strand of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, a series of activities that will be supported by £1.9bn public investment over the next five years.

Has been appointed to perform a 1,000 seat pilot with a major telecoms provider.

Has been appointed to perform a local government pilot together with the National Cyber Security Centre

Created connections with companies experienced in cyber security startup business models.

Was able to line up additional business opportunities for the new year due to its expanded network.