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Everyone has experienced the frustration: calling a customer service centre with one simple question, only to be transferred from one department to another, confirming your identity and explaining the issue time after time to different agents.

After a long and stressful customer service call that left an issue unresolved, Max Kreimerman, the founder and CEO of Alloxentric, quickly realised that companies needed a smart platform in order to provide a better experience to customers.

Analysing and improving the consumer experience through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Max Kreimerman founded Alloxentric in 2018, with the aim to disrupt and improve the way companies and people communicate globally.

As a result, Xentric was born: an all-channel, modular communications platform, that integrates, analyses and automates all communication methods – whether voice or text, SMS, WhatsApp or other channels – in a single location, learning from each interaction.

Xentric can monitor calls or messages while optimising the process using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. By combining speech to text (STT) and text to speech (TTS) technology with robotic process automation (RBA), the platform can automate tasks and interact with customers, agents or bots.

The system is capable of learning accents and recognising several languages. It can also analyse calls, so if one customer is brief and concise while another provides a detailed explanation of their issue, Xentric can still interpret the context of each call.

The Xentric platform has use cases across various industries, including banking, government, retail, IT and healthcare. It can handle outbound or inbound communications, set-up schedules, launch promotional campaigns, distribute mass communications, conduct market research and more.

Alloxentric joins Machine Intelligence Garage to strengthen market position and fundraising strategy.

Founder Max’s vast experience in communications and technology led him to establish a strong corporate network in Chile, where he was born and where the Xentric platform was founded. However, he discovered that the new business environment was challenging when he relocated to the United Kingdom.

Max decided Alloxentric should join the Digital Catapult Machine Intelligence Garage, recognising the guidance and support it offers to artificial intelligence and machine learning startups seeking to gain a stronger market position and raise capital.

“When you’re in a new country, with a different culture, the way you approach people in business has to be different,” said Max Kreimerman, founder and CEO of Alloxentric. “Digital Catapult was extremely helpful in this regard.”

Alloxentric took full advantage of the programme, attending every investment event organised by Digital Catapult as an opportunity to network and develop a strong fundraising strategy.

“Digital Catapult gave me the opportunity to get to know people and understand the mechanics of raising investment,” said Max Kreimerman. “They were available to answer all of my questions, such as what documents I needed, what details I should give potential investors, what information I should include in the business plan, and even guidance on how to pitch to investors.”

The investment preparation proved to be valuable. Shortly after attending the Machine Intelligence Garage, Alloxentric secured an investment of $275,000 from RLC Ventures.

According to Max Kreimerman: “In the final days of October 2020, I began my seed round. In November, the funds were sent to me. It only took three weeks to complete everything.”

In addition to the funding and business support, the Machine Intelligence Garage offers startups access to the computational power and expertise to test and develop new products, a valuable resource that Alloxentric used to train its voice models.

The programme also encourages startups to learn and consider the ethical use of AI, something Max Kreimerman admits he was previously unaware of.

Investing in the future, to make interaction more efficient

RLC Ventures’ investment allowed Alloxentric to scale its operations and expand its footprint in Latin America. For the next two years, the company’s main objective is to operate globally.

Alloxentric continues to develop the Xentric Platform, improving languages and using artificial intelligence to advance its voice models to allow for inflections and tones, using speech synthesis markup language (SSML) protocols.

Alloxentric is currently developing a voice analytics model for clients to ensure agents are operating and communicating accurately. For call centres with over 1,000 agents handling calls, this would be impossible to monitor without the use of AI.

“I am part of the generation that never picks up the phone. As a result, we’re working effortlessly to make interaction as easy as possible, for people like myself.” said Max Kreimerman.

“It’s really all about resolving the problem quicker. That’s the answer.”