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When a leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firm approached Digital Catapult looking for a new technology partner to support a new solution for measuring brand experience, Digital Catapult was able to connect them with Adoreboard – innovators in the field of human experience (HX) measurement.

By combining artificial and human intelligence, Adoreboard creates an augmented view of customer emotion – looking not just at how customers feel, but why they feel that way – and then produces decision-ready insights that clients can use to make changes, ultimately driving bottom line improvements.

Delivering a new approach to measuring CX

As brands become increasingly competitive, customer experience (CX) is one of the few areas left where they can truly differentiate themselves.

While most brands are now well-practised at determining satisfaction in various ways, the usual methodologies are often limited to a scale-based evaluation – such as YES/NO questions, or a variable index like Net Promoter Score (NPS). While useful for benchmarking, this kind of measure is still a blunt instrument if companies are really interested in what and how their customers are feeling about their brand, service and product.

Instead of defining customer experience in the usual terms (good, bad, indifferent), Adoreboard uses AI to capture and identify how people really feel, combining customer and employee experience (which are inextricably linked) into HX: the human experience.

Emotion is a great way to do this, providing a clear picture and facilitating a customer-centric approach across all areas of the business: it’s impossible to argue with empirical evidence of how customers are feeling.

Adoreboard provides an intelligent framework that measures and analyses HX against a model of emotional intensity, viewing customers as people, not statistics. This approach has been proven to expose challenges for brands in a way never seen before, enabling organisations to make necessary changes and improve their bottom line.

Connecting big ideas with big business

When Digital Catapult invited innovators to respond with a new solution for a leading FMCG firm, Belfast-based Adoreboard was quick to respond. The company was already aware of Digital Catapult’s work, and fans of ‘design thinking’.

Having previously worked with Digital Catapult, when the FMCG client wanted to replace a manual CX measurement process, it was natural for the firm to ask Digital Catapult to get involved in the tender process and reach out to suitable organisations from across the UK working in this space. The project included collaborative delivery between Digital Catapult in London and the North East Tees Valley (NETV) regional centre. The client team wanted a clear picture of the customer perspective and emotion that was driving current and long-term brand trends, and sentiment analysis was not enough to solve the problem.

Adoreboard’s platform is the only technology that defines emotion and enables brands to solve significant problems, a quality that the FMCG client was quick to recognise, having tried to do the same themselves.

Digital Catapult selected Adoreboard as one of the participants in the competitive pitch for the contract, then provided guidance for the process, facilitating a swift, fair and transparent selection process.

For the client, Adoreboard’s successful solution identifies and understands trends, then articulates customer perspective and emotions, providing decision-ready insights that they will be able to use to make simple changes with measurable impact.

The future looks bright

With a growing number of big-name clients on their books, Adoreboard already offers a range of HX solutions and is looking to grow further – joining a Digital Catapult Machine Intelligence Garage cohort is on their radar. However, for them, the main advantage of their relationship with Digital Catapult has not been the technology so much as access to – and understanding of – the wider market, particularly working with large corporates.