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Case studies

Discover how we've helped organisations like yours.
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AudioStack: case study

Using Aflorithmic’s fully-automated production process, anybody can create beautiful sounding audio in seconds.

Researchers in Residence

The Researchers in Residence (RIR) programme enables leading academics to spend research visits in catapult centres. Each Researcher in Residence…

TOffeeAM: case study

Find out how Digital Catapult supported Imperial College spin-out TOffeAM, a cloud platform for engineers.

Climate X: case study

Part of Machine Intelligence Garage, Digital Catapult supported Climate X to develop their climate tech proof of concept.

RealVNC: case study

Learn how RealVNC is testing a new way of reducing C++ vulnerabilities through Digital Security by Design

MOONHUB: case study

Startup MOONHUB banks on training being delivered exclusively by virtual reality headsets.

5PRING: case study

Find out how the 5PRING programme in the West Midlands helped 480 organisations get the grips with 5G.

5G Festival: case study

Discover all about the 5G Festival project: a world first immersive hybrid 5G powered festival