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Powered by AI: Health & safety for the manufacturing sector

Date: 20 May 2019 09:00 - 20 May 2019 15:00

How can artificial intelligence (AI) make manufacturing safer and support healthy working conditions?

Across the UK manufacturers are struggling to innovate and scale with AI and machine learning (ML). Effective challenge framing, finding the right partner for the right project and building a high level business case are common barriers across the industry.

The Powered by AI series is about overcoming those barriers in a collaborative environment. It brings together innovative startups and large corporates to focus on leveraging the power of AI and ML applications for health & safety challenges faced by the manufacturing sector.

For this event Digital Catapult is looking for the AI startups that will apply their solutions to real challenges and the manufacturers to act as challenge owners.

The challenges:

The event will support manufacturers to improve existing services, develop new products or optimise their processes via the application of AI solutions to their business.

Participating organisations (innovators together with manufacturers) will work collaboratively to test and apply the latest artificial intelligence solutions on real-world data. With the opportunity to take the solutions forward to develop proof of concepts together with leading manufacturers.

Event format:

Taking place on Monday 20 May, the event will be formed of keynote speakers, startup pitches, collaborative workshops and speed networking sessions.

Why attend?

For manufacturers and challenge owners:

This workshop represents an opportunity for organisations in the manufacturing industries to learn about a range of new technology use cases within the health & safety environment.

Challenge owner organisations should be large organisations from manufacturing industries that are looking to run proof of concept projects in AI/ML, with a minimum of 500 employees. The session is open to all manufacturing sectors.

We are particularly seeking companies from:

  • Food and drink
  • Aerospace and defence
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Materials and chemicals
  • Construction and facilities management

Each challenge owner organisation will be required to have three to six attendees present, ideally with at least one representative each of; data science/analytics, health & safety/operations and commercial/innovation

Challenges: We are seeking organisations that have an appetite to innovate in AI and to run proof of concept projects with startups, ideally with existing ideas about specific applications.

Data readiness: As a prerequisite, challenge owners should have data they can share in order to enable innovative AI companies to develop solutions to their specific business challenges.

Manufacturers should apply here

For startups and innovators

We are interested in hearing from startups with technical skills in AI applications that can be applied to health & safety in the manufacturing industries. Startups must have a product that is ready for commercialisation in order to be considered. It is not a requirement to have previous experience in the health & safety domain.

In this collaborative session, we would like to bring together companies who have existing solutions that could play a role in reducing risk, improving operations and augmenting human performance and wellbeing in manufacturing industries.

The goal is to enable a collaborative, sharing environment, each participant will have identified and prioritised at least one high impact challenge by the end of the day. Participants will be presented with tools to build a high level business case for solutions and progress relationships

Startups please use the form below to apply

What do we mean by health & safety?

For the purpose of this workshop, health & safety will cover a fairly wide range of areas and use cases, some examples including (but not limited to):

  • Physical space analytics
  • Visual inspection
  • Behaviour analytics
  • Assisted control
  • Wellbeing and mental health
  • Operator performance & tracking
  • Performance tracking & rewards systems
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Operational risk analysis

How to apply:

This event has an application process for both corporates and startups. Manufacturers should apply here and startups please use the form below.

This initiative is part of Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage programme, commissioned as part of CAP-AI project, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund