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EIT Digital Pit Stop

Date: 14 September 2016 17:00 - 15 September 2016 16:00

EIT Digital Pit Stop: “How can government unlock the value in personal data to improve citizen services?” Digital Catapult is inviting local government and SMEs working on innovative approaches that improving local government services to join our next Pit Stop.

Local governments are working with increasing amounts of personal data and seek to improve services through making better use of this data. As technology advances and citizen data is shared (across departments as well as with external organisations), how do we ensure that access to personal data is controlled in a way that enables service provision, without breaching our trust as citizens in the fair use of that data?

Local governments find themselves at a pass between citizen-consumers expecting better digital services and huge, hard to manage volumes of citizen data held across multiple platforms, tied up in legacy systems or restricted by outdated internal regulation.

Cloud applications provide an opportunity to cut through many of these challenges and yet the majority of local governments have been unable to fully exploit this potential. This is especially true of services that rely on personal data.

In this Pit Stop, we seek to understand this situation and identify opportunities for innovation in taking on this challenge. We invite government representatives, industry and academic experts, and innovative startups/SMEs with products and services in this area to collaborate for one and a half days through a series of workshops and presentations.

The Pit Stop will explore how local governments can unlock value within personal data to enable better services to be delivered to consumers. We expect to cover areas that include:

  • Personal Data and Trust
  • Trusted Cloud applications
  • Sharing and the fair use of data
  • Improving service delivery
  • Regulation, legislation and best practice

We are looking for applicants who have developed services which impact on the above areas, or who have developed services for local government and are interested to learn more about the safe use of personal data. We are also inviting local governments who wish to expand their knowledge in this field and share best practice.

The closing date to submit your interest for this Pit Stop is 22 August. Please apply via our Open Call and our team will come back to you within 14 days of the call closing. The Pit Stop takes place on 14 September 6pm-9pm and 15 September 9am-5pm. This Pit Stop is part of EIT Trusted Cloud, an EIT Digital project.