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Capturing reality: Exploring the future of motion capture in immersive content-making

Date: 18 April 2019 08:15 - 18 April 2019 15:30

Join Digital Catapult, The Imaginarium Studios and the University of Portsmouth on Thursday 18 April 2019 for a unique opportunity to learn from industry leading experts about the applications and challenges of using motion capture as a production tool for the creation of cutting edge immersive content.

This one day workshop invites creative content-makers from a range of backgrounds including VFX, gaming, advertising, film and digital media companies to explore the current use of motion capture to deliver new forms of virtual and augmented reality content, and discuss the challenges that exist.

The workshop

Designed for companies with prior experience of immersive (virtual, augmented or mixed reality) content making, this knowledge sharing workshop will include:

  • An introduction to different motion capture systems including state of the art facilities at The Imaginarium Studios
  • Exploring the creative opportunities – when is motion capture right for your project?
  • Understanding the business case for using motion capture
  • Recent case studies and applications – including offline performance capture for Magic Leap One from the Imaginarium, and the deployment of live location-based performance capture for VR theatre pieces from the University of Portsmouth.

As well as hearing from industry specialists, we also wish to hear about companies’ own practical experiences of using this technology, and the opportunities and barriers they have encountered.

This session is best attended by two representatives from each company – ideally with a range of technical, creative and business experience (for example a developer and a producer).

In line with this workshop, Digital Catapult aims to share knowledge with a wide selection of companies and gain further understanding of the realities of using motion capture from a technical, creative and business point of view.

Prior experience of using motion capture is not essential but where applicable we will use real life experiences to explore barriers and challenges encountered.

Why should you get involved?

By participating in the workshop attendees will have the unique opportunity to discover how motion capture is currently being used in immersive content, and how it can be applied to products and solutions. Companies will:

  • Meet key leaders in motion capture from one of the most significant studios in the world, as well as leading researchers from the University of Portsmouth
  • Gain hands-on experience with the technology and rig at one of the world’s leading motion capture studios: The Imaginarium Studios
  • Gain further understanding into the business case for using motion capture and its application to the creative process
  • Get hands-on with the technology and be presented with industry use cases such as MoCap for live theatre
  • Understand the integration of motion capture and the production experience in depth, highlighting potential pitfalls and common mistakes made when using motion capture as a production tool in the future

Who should apply?

Startups, scaleups, universities and researchers with prior experience of immersive content making. This event has been designed for creators looking to learn more about the advantages of motion capture for their business.

These may include companies in:

  • Gaming
  • Animation
  • Advertising
  • VFX
  • Film Studios
  • Production Studios
  • Virtual, augmented or mixed reality
  • Theatre companies with digital projects
  • Dance companies with digital projects

Additional info

Scoring Criteria

Applicants will be scored on:

  • Understanding of the future of motion capture
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Expertise in the appropriate technology areas
  • Likelihood to benefit from workshop’s content

Please click here for the full scoring criteria,