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Open call

Maritime pitch day: Maximising the availability of platforms

Open date: Wednesday 13 November 2019   Close date: Sunday 1 December 2019

How can AI, IoT, and future networks increase and maximise platform availability?

A major UK maritime company is seeking potential partners who can offer best in class innovative products and solutions enhancing platform availability.

For this innovation challenge the customer is looking to meet startups and scaleups offering products and potential solutions that could help improve marine platform availability. Solutions and applications should demonstrate the power of leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) internet of things (IoT), and future networks (LPWAN, 5G etc).

The project will be divided into two phases of activity:

Phase one
Through this open call a selection of businesses will be invited to a pitch day with the aim of understanding the startups’ current products as well as discussing face to face how applicable and relevant the solutions could be for the upcoming build of future platforms.

Phase two
Following the pitch day, the most relevant and promising businesses will be selected for phase two where they will explore in detail the feasibility of collaboration, on the basis of relevant content and representative data shared with them by the customer.

The challenge

Maintaining maritime platform availability is a complex and global challenge. The customer is interested in meeting with companies who can either propose complete new solutions, or provide additional features or plug-ins to existing systems and infrastructure to participate in enhancing the area of platform availability.

Advanced digital technologies have created opportunity for enhancement of the logistics underpinning the spares and maintenance requirements for platforms the world over. This maintenance can be required in dock, when servicing the platform, or at sea when operational.

The opportunities cover a wide range of topics, from the logistics of ensuring the right parts are in the right place at the right time, to being able to understand the true condition of spare components. Even simply ascertaining in-service component lifetimes more precisely would allow for more accurate mobilisation of the right equipment and personnel.

The customer is interested in products and solutions that can leverage current and future datasets and systems inspired by new data collection processes. Identification of useful datasets that are not collected, but are required to unlock new capabilities is of interest for future platform designs.

The goal is to implement these new approaches and solutions into current and future systems/platforms.

Why should you get involved?

  • Unique opportunity to discuss the product in depth with key stakeholders from across a major UK maritime company
  • Receive in-depth valuable feedback from multiple customer business units, and potential end users
  • Potential to be selected for phase two, where selected companies will be in a position to present how to technically apply their product to the customers challenge
  • Become associated partners of the new ecosystem being created around future maritime platforms
  • Gain access and visibility in the maritime sector and other associated sectors

Who should apply?

Startups and scaleups who are interested in working with the maritime sector and add to the current platforms related data science-based capabilities.

Early-stage companies, startups, experts, and scaleups that are in the process of developing new cutting-edge technologies, and are interested in to work in the maritime sector and add to the current platform related data science-based capabilities.

Companies must have a demonstrable product or service and focus on showing their product as opposed to a simple slide presentation.

Applicants should ensure at least one person per company is available to spend the day in London on 17 December from 09:30 to 17:30. Please only send member(s) of your team who understand your technology or product capability in depth as they will need to describe its inner workings to the customer.

Areas of advanced digital technology applications and solutions include (but are not limited to):

  • Data collection, visualisation, integration
  • Maintenance management, predictive, reactive
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Asset fleet management tools/Asset tracking

This open call is not relevant to or interested in:

  • Cloud based solutions that are incapable of feasible local server-hosting
  • Novel approaches that don’t meet the brief
  • Companies that do not have a demonstrable product (the product doesn’t need to be applied to maritime as it stands, interest is in capabilities, and potential application to customer challenges)

Applications close on 1st December at midnight.

During the pitch day startups will have time to speak with each customer expert, get valuable feedback, and understand how their products may apply to the upcoming projects linked to the customer’s upcoming projects. Attendees invited to pitch will also have time to pitch and showcase work as well as have informal conversations to drive value.