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Open call

Immersive Technology – Northern Ireland Electricity Networks

Open date: Wednesday 22 December 2021   Close date: Friday 28 January 2022

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) owns and operates the electricity transmission and distribution network which transports electricity to over 860,000 customers. They employ over 1200 people and are looking for ways to ensure that people with new skills and abilities are attracted to work for the company.  

Digital Catapult invites interested parties to submit a proposal to work with Northern Ireland Electricity Networks to develop a virtual reality application. This project will focus on addressing the company’s need to use Immersive Technologies to overcome its current business challenges.

The Challenge

NIE Networks is looking to increase their competitive edge when it comes to recruitment by giving potential employers an immersive experience. Digital Catapult is taking applications from immersive technology suppliers to work with NIE networks on: 

  • Developing a Virtual Reality application for NIE Networks to be able to use internally and externally to promote the diverse, technical and innovative nature of the company. This will express what the company offers and its range of job roles for potential employees, particularly apprentices and electrical engineers. 
  • This is currently imagined as an interactive experience to engage people who may be interested in working with NIE Networks to give them a feel for the company, the job roles, its culture and values.  This ‘Built in’ interactivity may allow the viewer/user an opportunity to sample how VR is used across business functions e.g. training, data visualisation, and maintenance.

Who should apply?

  • Immersive technology providers
  • Startups developing AR & VR technology 

Important information for applicants:

Applicants must register interest in the programme using the form below.

Instructions for applying to the open call are detailed in this Education Pack.  Please download the Education Pack and follow the instructions to submit your application.

Applications close 28 January 17:00 and shortlisted companies will be expected to present their proposal to Digital Catapult on Tuesday 8 February.

Download application instructions here.