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Open call

FutureScope Decommissioning Data Challenge

Open date: Tuesday 15 August 2023   Close date: Sunday 24 September 2023


We are looking for an innovative startup or small company to take part in our FutureScope Decommissioning Data Challenge.

This three-month long programme will support the successfully selected company to explore the potentials of a “digital-twin”, based on data related to the nuclear decommissioning process. Nuclear decommissioning is undertaken once a nuclear facility has reached the end of its operational life. It involves the safe removal of radioactive waste and secondary waste from a nuclear facility, the dismantling of the plant and associated facilities, ultimately leading to site restoration.

By creating a digital twin of a nuclear facility, experts can analyse different decommissioning scenarios, plan the optimal sequence of actions, track the progress and status of the decommissioning process, and ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations. This will be key to ensuring the long-term success of the UK’s nuclear industry, bolstering its economic output and enhancing its reputation as a leader in nuclear decommissioning expertise and sustainable energy solutions.

This Decommissioning Data Challenge is designed to find a company to work with the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration (RAICo) to develop a high-quality proof-of-concept digital-twin that can utilise, process, and merge complex data to make nuclear decommissioning faster, safer and more cost-effective, answering the challenge of:


“What digital tools can be used to create a digital twin from pre-existing and robot-collected data that enables a structured approach for strategic decision making and analytics in order to make nuclear decommissioning faster/safer/cheaper?”


The application window to apply will be open between the 15th August and 24th September 2023, with an anticipated start date for the successful company at the beginning of December 2023.



The successful company will have the opportunity to work at RAICo facility, will benefit from up to £40,000 in funding to develop a proof-of-concept demonstration, access technical guidance and support from industry experts, and the opportunity to expand their knowledge and portfolio within the nuclear industry.

Access to a RAICo site and learning opportunities about RAICo

Up to £40k funding

Support to plan next steps after proof of concept

Technical guidance and support to develop a proof-of-concept

Insight into the nuclear sector

Expand portfolio into the nuclear sector