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Dimension Studio

What Dimension Studio offers you

Dimension Studio is a state-of-the-art volumetric video and 3D capture studio for the next generation of immersive content. Using 106 cameras, Dimension captures life in volumetric detail, providing a step-change in the realism that can be achieved for the creation of virtual humans and environments, and injecting new life into stories, games and experiences for both immersive and 2D media.

Digital Catapult partnered with immersive media company Dimension and Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio to create this world-class facility.

Dimension has valuable applications across many industries, including games, TV, film, fashion, digital manufacturing, health and education. It is also a valuable asset to the UK’s research base, available to researchers working on immersive content and experience.

Dimension’s partner programme provides early access to the Windows Desktop, VR, iOS and Android SDKs, and Dimension is inviting applicants to join and be the first to create next generation AR, MR, and VR experiences featuring volumetric video using Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture.

Who can use it

Designed for use by startups, scaleups and corporates, the studio provides access to cutting edge technology from the UK’s rapidly growing immersive technology and content sector. Production and animation houses can book the studio on a commercial basis.



Unit 35, Wimbledon Business Centre, Riverside Rd, London, SW17 0BA


Dimension is a proud partnership between Dimension, Digital Catapult and Microsoft.