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TeenTethics: The Development and Training Day

Date: 14 July 2023 10:00 - 14 July 2023 15:00


There is growing recognition that engineering should be ethically principled and socially/environmentally responsible, but the views of young people are rarely collected and included in this debate.

The TeenTethics project will connect engineers with teenage innovators from across the UK. Together they will explore the ethics of decision-making and trade-offs that occur during engineering and tech innovation.

It’s an opportunity to develop outreach skills and also to understand the perspectives of young people who at the end of the whole project in Summer 2024 will produce their Young Person’s Charter for Ethical Innovation.

For further information on how to take part in this event please click here.

Who should Attend

TeenTech want engineers (of all disciplines including all areas of digital/computing ) to get involved.

On July 14th,  there will be a few spaces for ‘lightning talks’ as well as space for engineers keen to participate in the project.  The BBC, Rolls Royce and NHS will be among those participating and sharing their experiences.

You will learn techniques and strategies for sharing inspiring stories about your work. There’s also a rapid prototyping challenge, can you design and test resources, games and activities for schools in one afternoon?

From the Autumn, there will also be opportunities for you and your teams to support special TeenTethics days in secondary schools in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Derby and Strathclyde.

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your public engagement profile and confidence. They guarantee fun! Plus, you’ll build your networks and meet some incredible innovators both on 14th July and when you go into a school local to you.

About TeenTech

TeenTech run lively initiatives with a supporting Award scheme to inspire the innovators of the future. We support teenagers in gaining skills, experiences and connections to guide them into contemporary careers and give everyone the chance to reach their full potential. TeenTech work collaboratively with companies, universities, business organisations and education business partnerships to build sustainable and imaginative programmes focussing on regions of greater social need in the UK and Europe.

TeenTech are an award winning charity, founded in 2008 by Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson to help students see the wide range of career possibilities within science, technology and engineering. Their programmes are structured to guide students through key academic choices with a coherent journey through age appropriate interventions and continued opportunities even beyond our initiatives to gain experience, knowledge and skills.

To find out more about TeenTech and the incredible work they do, please click here.