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Mixed Reality Content – Virtually a Done Deal?

Date: 15 February 2023 13:30 - 15 February 2023 17:30


Join us for this event where we will be convening broadcast experts to discuss the current use of mixed reality and immersive display technologies in content creation for TV, film and other media. Our panel of experts will be exploring new application opportunities for the latest software and devices in the space. 

New technologies and innovative applications are expanding the ways that we create and deliver audio/visual content to the consumer. The classical ‘production chain’ techniques, involving studio-centric recording and processing with delivery via physical playout centres, are being replaced by new generation virtual studio/production sets and software code development platforms. Now, scanned volumetric image files, computer-generated scenes and virtual objects can be combined seamlessly and remotely in the Cloud. Content creators can use both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to create imaginative mixed reality (MR) experiences. Physical and virtual objects are made to exist and interact together in real-time, and the viewer is immersed into a shared 360° audio-video MR world, with new modes of personal interaction using touch, gesture and gaze. Content creators can collaborate using website and cloud-based services like GitHub to develop, store and manage their multi-viewer MR productions.

Mixed reality content and immersive communications are already finding solutions and niche applications in design, training/education, healthcare therapies/treatments, e-commerce and fashion. Advances in data processing speeds to reduce image latency, plus developments in headset design are promising … and perhaps the next logical steps in MR’s progression up the ‘slope of enlightenment’ as a new technology is in the social media and entertainment domains … enhancing uploaded content and personal data for platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, and providing the ultimate immersive experience for sports fans and cinema/theatre-goers.

Hosted by our partners Cambridge Wireless this event will provide delegates with ample opportunities to network with fellow delegates.

Registration is free for all.

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The information supplied below may be subject to change before the event.

13:30 – Registration and networking
14:00 – Introduction to CW
14:05 – Welcome from Digital Catapult
14:10 – Introduction to Content Production and Delivery SIG from SIG Champion David Crawford, Ravensbourne University
14:15 – Nicole Stewart-Rushworth, Technologist, Digital Catapult
14:35 – Yush Kalia, Director of Sales and Marketing, Dimension Studio
14:55 – Demo overview
15:15 – Refreshments
16:05 – Greg Bensberg, Head of Digital 3&4 Limited
16:25 – Devi Kolli, CEO, I3 Simualtion
16:55 – Panel session with all speakers chaired by SIG Champion, David Crawford, Ravensbourne University
17:15 – Event closes