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Meet us at CWTEC 2023: The unavoidable complexity of future wireless networks?

Date: 13 July 2023 09:00 - 13 July 2023 17:30

Event overview

The introduction of new mobile network generations, new spectrum bands and new antenna technology has added complexity to deployed networks. Work on defining the next generation of mobile networks is underway, is this the time to rethink mobile networks?

Through in-depth technical presentations, CW TEC 2023 will explore the complexity of future wireless networks, with sessions covering:

  • How complex are current mobile networks?
  • How do we deal with today’s complexity?
  • What are the future technologies that are making it simple (or not)?

The day will conclude with a panel introducing insights from adjacent industries such as the energy sector, railway signalling, TV broadcasting – how have they dealt with complexities and improved infrastructure?

You can find more information about this event here.

Hear from us

As part of the agenda, Nick Johnson, Head of UKTIN, will present on “Supply Chain Diversification – is it just another name for complexity?” at 11.45 am.
Economics tells us that monopoly of supply is a bad thing, and in the context of telecoms we seem to be very close to it. Government proposes diversifying the supply chain as a remedy. Industry imagines promoting another large vendor to fill the gap. How can telecoms innovation help the industry meet policy, manage complexity, be affordable, perform well and make common sense all at the same time?


Cambridge Computer Labs

William Gates Building, 15 JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge, CB3 0FD