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Construction Reimagined

Date: 16 February 2022 14:00 - 16 February 2022 15:30

Register by: Wednesday 16 February 2022

About this event

Powerful XR applications beyond visualisation

Advanced digital technologies have revolutionised industries across the globe. The pace of technological advancement is unprecedented as the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and smart devices are ubiquitous within industry and our daily lives. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been used in the entertainment industry for many decades. 

Although innovation has accelerated a wide variety of sectors, the construction industry is considered to be one of the most resistant to change. Its innate job execution strategies and  repetition of tasks kept this sector traditional for longer,; but things are changing as Extended reality (XR) is becoming popular for many construction operations. 

XR, as a superset including AR and VR is rapidly making its way into the construction industry and has become a valuable tool for engineers, architects, project managers, and service providers. 

Across the life cycle of the built environment, from designing, building and finally operating it, XR:

  • Enhances collaboration among project stakeholders even before the construction work actually begins
  • Allows detection of errors ahead of time 
  • Avoids costly mistakes by generating real-time visualisations of projects 
  • Improves safety standards as it increases the awareness of job-site conditions without physically subjecting managers or workers to safety hazards.

Restrictions on construction imposed during the pandemic, as well as considerations for sustainability and net zero build projects, immersive applications in construction have become even more popular as they can increase safety, accuracy, efficiency and drive down costs.

Due to the traditional aspects of the sector, there are numerous barriers to adoption to overcome, with affordability, interoperability, awareness, scaling, training and absence of eco-system to drive the adoption.

Join Digital Catapult and leaders from across the construction industry, to learn how immersive applications are disrupting one of the most resistant industries.


Why attend?

  • Discover how immersive applications are disrupting the construction industry and drive efficiencies
  • Get to know businesses that are already leading the way in adoption
  • Learn about practical, real-world examples
  • Discuss how immersive applications can get us closer to net zero
  • Dive into the key challenges and barriers to adoption



14:00 – Welcome and introduction

Emily Savage, Head of Immersive and Creative Partnership – Digital Catapult

14:05 – UK Green Building Council introduction

Lucy Rees, Sustainability Advisor, Innovation and Solutions – UKGBC

14:10 – Design

Sukhmit Singh Chaggar, Digital Solutions Lead, Infrastructure – Atkins

14:25 – Upskill

Sam Watts, Immersive Partnerships Director – Make Real Ltd

14:40 – Build

Mark Enzer, Chief Technology Officer – Mott MacDonald

14:55 – Panel discussion: Strengthening the UK construction sector through XR technology

15:25 – Closing remarks

David Pugh, Manufacturing Market Lead – Digital Catapult

15:30 – End